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The Tallest Man On Earth

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When fans lined up to see sold-out Bon Iver performances in late 2008, few of them went with any expectations of the opening act. But the audience that night, and on every other night of Bon Iver's tour that December, were introduced to something special, something unforgettable: The Tallest Man on Earth. This was the first of several tours for the Tallest Man on Earth (aka Kristian Matsson), with obsessive crowds growing each step of the way. [MORE]Earlier in the year, The Tallest Man on Earth had released one of 2008's most powerful records, one that Pitchfork praised, calling Matsson "a natural-born folksinger, earnest, clever, and comforting." Shallow Grave could not have been more simple, just Matsson's commanding vocals with an acoustic guitar or banjo, recorded at his home in Dalarna, Sweden. Although the album was released on the Swedish label Gravitation without the help of widespread distribution, the story of The Tallest Man on Earth spread far and wide through word of mouth. It is impossible to discuss The Tallest Man on Earth's music without acknowledging Bob Dylan. The seemingly effortlessness, the melodic sensibility and the deft lyricism all recall Dylan's early ... (+) expand
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SilentK (level 27) wrote:
just heard you for the first time on someone's radio! sounding great!
1 year ago
KristinShaye (level 11) wrote:
This Wind!!!!!!!!
7 years ago
burntxlikextoast (level 4) wrote:
The Gardener is one of the greatest songs ever written.
7 years ago
TheIscariot (level 8) wrote:
Amazing song. Anything more you gonna put up?
7 years ago
bradicalism (level 1) wrote:
You have to get the gardener up here! Or anything off of the album!
7 years ago
paulagroff (level 23) wrote:
Love your songs, hope to see more here! Into the Stream is just lovely.
7 years ago
elsatatiana (level 22) wrote:
7 years ago
shantib (level 18) wrote:
is there a way for users to post another song, or do the artists have to do it themselves?

i really like Honey Won't You Let Me In.
7 years ago
hannnnnah (level 29) wrote:
Are you really the tallest man on earth? Awesome music anyway! I've heard the Gardner elsewhere and it was really good. Keep up the grrrrrreat work!
8 years ago
irishcocacola (level 14) wrote:
I'll see ya Apr. 4th in Iowa City! Can't wait!
8 years ago
bixby22 (level 27) wrote:
Got your album last month and I love it!! Waiting for the next one...
8 years ago
Lks (level 8) wrote:
Need More!!!!!!!
8 years ago
irishcocacola (level 14) wrote:
Wow...that Walk the Line song? AWESOME!
8 years ago
runorun (level 35) wrote:
so hoped, u were making a song each day. nuts
8 years ago
bixby22 (level 27) wrote:
Ahhh it's so much fun to sing along to really loud. Thanks! I hope to hear more when you get the chance.
8 years ago
Ryno (level 15) wrote:
8 years ago
BibiBallinger01 (level 27) wrote:
Lordy Mercy! This is amazing music! Give us more!
9 years ago