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Vancouver, BC

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Their There is Adam De Souza, Jess Desrochers, Rory Hislop, Ross Jenkins, Harley Small and Adam Gough. Their There is a six-piece alternative rock band from Vancouver, BC. They have been writing and performing original material together over the past 6 years, garnering a devoted following in the process.

A blend of rock, jazz and folk, Their There bring forth a unique and nostalgic style of music; a retro throwback to something that hasn't quite happened yet.

Their There came to fruition in 2007 as a 4 piece rock band, and over the first few years they developed their sound, eventually adding 2 more players, on trumpet and sax. Turning heads with their infectious energy, chaotic live shows and their timeless melodies, Their There is a band that will leave you with an experience to remember.

Utilizing flugelhorns, synth pads, djembes, and everything in between, this is a band that shows a unique quality that could only come from a blend of both classic and modern genres. These are six gentlemen who love creating and spreading their music, and if they manage to spark a connection with people while they're at it, that makes it all the better.

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