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You're on horseback, along a ridgetop trail, more than a little rocky; the sky, bursting unbearingly blue, levitates, punctuated by an armada of billowing clouds, pushed by a big sky sun. You listen, first to the everpresent breeze, then to the soundtrack in your mind. What you hear seems uncanningly similar to "Two Guitars, One Heart," unfolding like a musical rolodex. First wistful, then optimistic, then achingly beautiful, then playful, and so it goes, this gently undulating journey over evocative peaks and valleys. Ron Neilson and John Bellar coax a ton of emotions out of their Weissenborn and resonator guitars, producing acoustic duets of multi-layered depth. Swirls of influences abound: Western, Pacific, American roots, echoes of the Heartland. The beauty lies in the unique blend of Bellar's resonator and Neilson's Hawaiian acoustic. Impeccable technique and balance make this collection a thoughtful, heartfelt ride.
a review by: Fred Kraus - Minor7th (Feb 15, 2008)

John Bellar’s and Ron Neilson’s wholly-unique combination of beautiful sounding lap-style acoustic guitars – as well as the blend of their complementary playing styles – creates extremely sensitive, sonorous and evocative music, melodies that are intended to touch hearts and evoke nearly boundless imagery.

Both virtuoso musicians compose lyrical tunes that blend their writing and playing talents to create a unique sound that is sensuous, soothing and unlike any other guitar music you’ve ever heard. Throughout their careers they have been ahead of instrumental trends – and today, they remain ahead of their time. John and Ron create beautiful music that causes listeners to find a mellow place in their own hearts and to appreciate the distinctive sound that can only be produced by lifelong musicians who listen to their own hearts – and the heart of the world around them.

John is a gifted, lifetime player of and composer for the resonator guitar. He earned first-place in America's National Resonator Guitar Championship in North Carolina in 2005. He is a studio musician, a composer for resonator guitar and has performed regularly at the Grand Ole Opry with numerous legendary country music artists such as Dolly Parton. For many years, he was the musical anchor for bluegrass music legends, The Stoneman Family. He was also a featured artist on the prestigious late 1990’s International Tour: The Masters of Steel Guitar.

Ron, composer of some of the duo’s most haunting and beautiful melodies has a musical background in guitar composition and performance. For nearly twenty years, he has played and composed exclusively for the Weissenborn-style, Hawaiian acoustic guitar. Like John, he has also been a studio musician and stage performer.

Both musicians met in the winner’s circle at Tennessee’s first resonator guitar championship and subsequently found their heart and soul in musical collaboration. After combining and arranging their large repertoire of original music, they were destined to record and perform today’s new acoustic guitar sound.
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