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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Ron Neilson and John Bellar

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The first CD release for the guitar duo of John Bellar & Ron Neilson is entitled: "Two Guitars, One Heart."
It features the unique blend of Weissenborn and resonator acoustic lap-style guitars. Acoustic bass was also used on a majority of the 15-track, 54- minute long album. All tracks are original compositions by the duo.
The album was recorded in Waimea, Hawaii (Big Island) in 2007 with Gregg Perry producing for Peck Tunes. Charles Michael Brotman engineered. Tracking was done at Lava Tracks Studios. Mixing was done at Lava Tracks and Peck Tunes Studios. The album was mastered by Andrew Mendelson at Georgetown Mastering In Nashville, Tennessee. Acoustic bass was played by Brian McCree & John Bellar.
posted 8 years ago
If you like what you hear here, there's lots more! -go to www.newharmonyrecords.com and click on the CDBaby or iTunes links and pop for the CD - or a couple single downloads you like! Thanks. We all gotta' eat.

and....while you're listening...

You're on horseback, along a ridgetop trail, more than a little rocky; the sky, bursting unbearingly blue, levitates, punctuated by an armada of billowing clouds, pushed by a big sky sun. You listen, first to the everpresent breeze, then to the soundtrack in your mind. What you hear seems uncanningly similar to "Two Guitars, One Heart," unfolding like a musical rolodex. First wistful, then optimistic, then achingly beautiful, then playful, and so it goes, this gently undulating journey over evocative peaks and valleys. Ron Neilson and John Bellar coax a ton of emotions out of their Weissenborn and resonator guitars, producing acoustic duets of multi-layered depth. Swirls of influences abound: Western, Pacific, American roots, echoes of the Heartland. The beauty lies in the unique blend of Bellar's resonator and Neilson's Hawaiian acoustic. Impeccable technique and balance make this collection a thoughtful, heartfelt ride.
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magnus (level 23) wrote:
When are ya gonna upload more songs dude??
8 years ago
svennk (level 23) wrote:
So extremely calming and soothing! I love it! Thanks :)
8 years ago
The Rocky Chirchiglia Band wrote:
8 years ago
magnus (level 23) wrote:
My dad :)
9 years ago