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Two Hours Traffic began in 2003 when former kindergarten colleagues Liam Corcoran and Alec OHanley recruited fellow University of PEI Chemistry students Andrew MacDonald and Derek Ellis. After the better part of a year, the group released an EP entitled The April Storm. This record caught the ear of acclaimed Halifax guitar hero Joel Plaskett, who immediately offered to produce the groups first full-length album. When not breaking Erlenmeyer flasks, the group managed to pen and record a twelve-song eponymous album that blurs the line between alt-country and power pop. Unabashedly catchy and sincere, Two Hours Traffic is deservedly at the fore of the Canadian Maritime pop revival.

Recorded while the band was still in their teens, Two Hours Traffic recalls the eccentricity of The Cars and the immediacy of Big Star. People took to the songs without hesitation: Limelight fueled some hottub drama on The OC, Better Sorry Than Safe edged out indie-rock mainstays Broken Social Scene and The Constantines on CBC Radio 3’s 2005 year-end list, and the album was nominated for Best Rock Recording at the 2006 East Coast Music Awards. While their debut album was a magnet for critical accolades, their peers took notice as well. THT has toured Eastern Canada extensively with the likes of Wintersleep, The Joel Plaskett Emergency, and Cuff the Duke.

Now, Two Hours Traffic have completed their second EP, Isolator. Having triumphed over the dreaded sophomore slump, the band continues to prove that science kids can make great art. Armed with an arsenal of new songs, Two Hours Traffic gladly leaves behind the ivory towers of higher education for less dignified pursuits.
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