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Amherst, MA

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It all started in Tyngsboro High School, in the fall of 2005, at the loneliest and least self-respected table in the whole cafeteria. However, that hasn't stopped us from rocking your balls off and blowing more than your mind...

We also play music. 23 Skadoo is a group of fun-loving, tender, young cherubs, with hearts of brass. Cold brass.

Acquiring all inspiration from avid drug use, alcoholism, and sexual frustration, 23 Skadoo has never been described. Nor even appreciated, or liked, even by our loved ones.

In fact, 23 Skadoo has been shunned from civilization. Forced to live a life of exile. We live among the bears, and the wolves, and things that go bump in the night. Things of a less than savory nature. (i.e.: Dolly Parton)
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