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Ultimate Power Duo, the masters and perveyours of Demolition Rock, have been together for three years. In that time this Saskatoon three- piece duo, have hit the roads and ditches across Canada reaching their form rock n’ roll revelation while still managing to release four EP’s in quick succession… each one a last of loudtightfast garage rock. With the release of their first full length CD “We’re in Control Now!” Ultimate Power Duo finds itself merging on phenomenon! Big riffs, cocky vocals, frenetic drumming and plenty of “yeahs ” and “uh-huhs” The shows are sweaty and spontaneous, the music is fast, fun and creative, the response is overwhelming…these classic punk rock melodies wrapped in spontaneous musical combustion are in demand.
Ultimate Power Duo is The Riz, AKDoubleAK, and ScottRP…remember their names as these will be the first you call to as you crawl from the rubble of UPDs’ wake of demolition. Ultimate Power Duo has showcased at SXSW ‘06, CMW ‘05 and ‘06, WCMA ‘04 and ‘05, Nerve Festival of Guns, Vans Warped Tour, opened for Sloan and Finger Eleven, Saskatchewan Centennial Shows, receives substantial radio, press support, and live show acclaim. UPD was recently been featured on Much Music’s Going Coastal. Drummer Amber Kraft has a drum endorsement from Taye Drums.

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