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Bursting onto the scene in the late 80’s, Vain made waves and appeared on the covers of some of rocks most respected magazines before they even signed a record deal. Decked out in teased hair, made-up faces and black fingernails, the band embraced the glam lifestyle with their sexually oriented lyrics.
Vain formed in San Francisco by Davy Vain (vocals), Danny West and James Scott (guitars), Ashley Mitchell (bass) and Tommy Rickard (drums). The band began to create a buzz in California, as they released a couple demos in hopes for a major label deal. Davy Vain would also moonlight as a producer for such up and coming Bay Area thrashers as Death Angel. Even though they were losing money, the band refused to locate to Los Angeles, and finally got a deal with Island records. The debut album was an absolute sleaze masterpiece, and the band had minor success in the U.K. where they had a successful tour with Skid Row.
The follow-up album never got a chance, as Island shelved the album after a few cassette promos were released in a management/ownership change, and the band was promptly dropped, killing any momentum they had. In late 1991 both West (who joined the band Shine) and Rickard (who would later form Loaded) left the band. Guitarist Shawn Rorie and ex-Guns N’Roses drummer Steven Adler were recruited and the band changed their name to Roadcrew. This band quickly fell apart after releasing a demo as Adler’s drug problem scared away the record companies, and the band went their separate ways.
In 1993 Vain was resurrected with West back on guitar, and new drummer Danny Fury. Move On It was only released in Japan and included some of the Roadcrew songs. Band members would come and go following this release, including drummer Louie Senor. For a short time the band name was changed to Dragonfly. West released a Japanese only solo album, and Davy Vain’s solo attempt appeared in 2000 (including Scott, Mitchell and Senor). In 2005 the majority of the classic line-up (with Senor on drums) reformed for another album that once again got rave reviews but went largely unnoticed. Vain was another great band that was killed due to lack of label support.
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