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Who is this mysterious band known as Varghkoghargasmal. Self proclaimed purveyors of “wooden metal”. The sound of wooden metal seems to be basically black metal with no distortion. Maybe Wooden Metal means ‘acoustic’ metal. But the guitars here are electric, although recorded through what sounds like a practice amp with no distortion. And the drums, a stumbling struggling drum beat that wavers away from the actual beat more often than not. And it’s recorded in some impossibly reverby way that gives it a really haunting otherworldly sound. Simple and spare, un-distorted riffs, almost like a slowed down Dick Dale or Link Wray, with strangely motorik drum beats, that are sometimes just off enough to sound like some weird Kompakt style techno beat. In fact, this could maybe be some sort of weird black metal surf rock techno track. If there was such a thing. Strange minor key melodies join the fray, and warbly fuzzed out keyboards drift and whir, only serving to make the sound more confusional.

Stumbling reverbed clean guitar picking out blackened surf rock riffs, weird keyboard drones. The fast songs are the strangest, with the clean guitar blurring into swaths of damaged melody and the drums a chaotic blasting rumbling murky throb way down in the mix. Like some outsider alien krautrock Hard to explain the damaged magic of Varghkoghargasmal other than to say you have NEVER heard anything like this. Fucking amazing!!!! Wooden Metal!!!

Released a split with October Falls in May, 2008.
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