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New song: It's raining here too.
posted 8 months ago
Got myself a facebook page: facebook.com/musicbyve
posted 10 months ago
Hello, a new remix of 2:45, this time by Michael Feihstel! Listen to it at his t61 page or download HQ versions of it from his homepage.
posted 7 years ago
Yup, here's another video! This time from Rosella. The song is It's Twisted and here's the video, keep them coming. :)
posted 7 years ago

Thiefbone put together an animation to the song Think of the Dead, watch it here.

Lots of thanks to Thiefbone, more people should use my songs in their videos :)
posted 7 years ago
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Ve - Wasps
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dizzula (level 24) wrote:
Your music is an utter inspiration to me. Perfection.
6 months ago
Ve wrote:
I'm glad you think so. Dunno, I just write songs I'd like to hear myself. I think I know what you mean about energy though, a song definitely doesn't have to be uptempo to have energy in it. This might sound a bit pretentious but when I visualize my music it's often black/dark but always with a glow in the center. I'd like to think of them as positive/hopeful songs.
7 months ago
Ozzsanity (level 16) wrote:
How is it that even when your music is not outstanding it still just feels good? A consistent vibe of energy seems to present thru all your songs.
7 months ago
todash (level 38) wrote:
Hey. Great to see new music up!
7 months ago
Ve wrote:
No tip needed, I'm just glad you like the music and help me spread it. :)
8 months ago
skellytor (level 41) wrote:
Yay, new song! And I second @fuzzyorangebug about the Tip Credits, I have enjoyed your music for years and would love the opportunity to pay back for that.
8 months ago
fuzzyorangebug (level 37) wrote:
I don't know what is involved in setting up the Tip Credits feature on your artist account page, but i imagine more than just me would like to make use of it ;)
8 months ago
skellytor (level 41) wrote:
Still anxiously awaiting your new song. Hoping to hear it soon :)
9 months ago
skellytor (level 41) wrote:
Excited that you are putting up a new song soon!
10 months ago
madcat8 (level 45) wrote:
Great news, Ve...still enjoy what's here, but looking forward to the new one.
10 months ago
Ve wrote:
New song soon :)
10 months ago
fuzzyorangebug (level 37) wrote:
Come back Ve! We want more of what you create and the site does not suck anymore.
10 months ago
kerouacKid (level 27) wrote:
10 months ago
JeniliaC (level 42) wrote:
Hope you come back as well :) Hoping for new uploads!
11 months ago
silkworm (level 37) wrote:
This was the first place I came once activity started up again on thesixtyone :-) Was so happy to be able to interview David for MaxBumps.net back in the day! Still holding out hope for new music someday.
12 months ago
skellytor (level 41) wrote:
I originally found your music here 7 years ago and I still listen all of the time. You are one of the "mysterious" artists that I like to share with people. "When It Snows" and "White Ghost" are on my list of top all time favorite songs, so beautiful.
1 year ago
desio (level 24) wrote:
Hi Ve,
I like your creation.
Happy new year and good luck on everything :-)
7 years ago
Ozzsanity (level 16) wrote:
Ve needs to get going as part of Thesixtyone tipping system.
7 years ago
Pokoro (level 11) wrote:
you should sell your music. dont sell yourself short!
We would support!
7 years ago
Pokoro (level 11) wrote:
simply beautiful .
7 years ago