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Saskatoon, SK

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Following a three-year formulating process, The Volcanoless in Canada project crystallized its destined lineup in mid-2006 when Saskatchewan-based childhood friends & band members Mitch Lysak and Joel Hryniuk artistically fused with Enver Hampton & Levi Soulodre. Volcanoless' sound strives to combine precise rhythms and intricate melodies with the appeal and high-paced energy of rock music. Volcanoless in Canada bases their sonic principle on the coordination of a triple guitar assault, where three acoustic guitars play complementary and interweaving melody lines within the rhythmical domain of drums and bass guitar. Through this original concept, Volcanoless' music stretches across the vast musical spectrum, embracing elements of rock, alternative, folk, country, punk and dance.

Alongside an unbroken streak of Saskatchewan sold-out shows, a sold out debut album and intensely energetic & passionate performances, Volcanoless has completed their sophomore album, The Way Forward. It was mixed in Brooklyn, New York by renowned engineer Alex Newport (The Mars Volta, Death Cab for Cutie) and is currently in final production. The band spent May 2008 touring the United Kingdom, performing at the Great Escape festival in Brighton, UK. The’ve showcased at 2007's NXNE, New Music West, S.C.E.N.E., JunoFest & Western Canadian Music Awards, performing with You Say Party! We Say Die!, David Usher, Mother Mother & Sylvie. With forthcoming summer festival dates and uncontrollable album anticipation, Volcanoless is an undeniable Musical Eruption.
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