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La Jolla, CA

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Your Favorite Band...their name might be cocky, or just really clever.

Here's what the internet is saying about YFB:
Despite the confusing Who's On First style band name, YFB has an energetic sound, replete with gratuitously awesome guitar solos, drum solos, and, on their song Never, even bass solos. They sound cool in their MP3s, and undoubtedly even better in concert.
San Diego CityBeat magazine also said:
The cowbell-backed Were Blowing Up the Internet and surf-rocker Outta Spaces are just plain good songs.

YFB...who the heck are these guys?
Ryan (guitars/vox/t-shirts) - professional graphic designer!
Adam (drums/cowbell/drum light) - professional vending machine technician!
the Steve (bass/glasses/hair flip) - professional scientist!
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