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Boston, MA

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yeP! was an early second-wave jam band from 1993 to 1998, on the heels of Phish, sharing the stage often with the likes of Strangefolk, Percy Hill, Ominous Seapods, Keller Williams, Guster, and the Disco Biscuits, as well as such luminaries as Widespread Panic, Jon Fishman, Moxy Fruvous, Col. Bruce Hampton, Gordon Stone and many others.

yeP! consisted of Matt Laurence)on bass and vocals, Jackson Carson on sax, guitar and vocals, John Greene on keyboard and vocals, Shawn E. Gundersen on guitar and vocals, and Fred E. Hazelton on drums. All the members wrote tunes and helped create an overall sound that could not be replicated in any other lineup, for better or worse.

From 1993 to 1998, yeP! played about 400 shows up and down the East Coast, the longest tour taking them from Toronto down to Amelia Island, FL. yeP! shows were high-energy, whimsical experiences that drew a variety of fans, many of whom came to see he band dozens of times, often from great distances. One fan couple named their first daughter after one of their songs. From their legendary Halloween parties, to their movie soundtrack work with Jon Fishman of Phish, to their rock opera "The Shot: or Billy Bitz and the Hazeltones Vs. Big Faddy," to a salvaged gig with God Street Wine that ended up as a two-band jam session with 60 fans at the yeP!house, those that saw them will not forget them.

yeP! albums are still available through iTunes, Rhapsody, and most digital music services (with mostly wrong info, but almost has it right). Someday someone will get around to properly entering all the info into Wikipedia and Freebase and submitting changes to Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler? More pictures can be seen on the Flickr site
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