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Yuksek, aka Pierre-Alexandre Busson, is a Parisian dance music producer.

Yuksek is one of the front runners of the new wave of French electro. His productions and remixes released on I’m A Cliché, Hypnotic, Rise & Relish have captured the interest of many and have been playlisted by Pedro Winter, Andrew Weatherall, Freeform Five, Mylo, Laurent Garnier, etc.
Since 2005 he has played many gigs in France and abroad. Alone on stage with his machines and a microphone, he goes back to the origins with his no-nonsense old school sound.

Yuksek thrusts his very own sound: an orderly mess mixing hip hop and techno rhythms, pop structures, dry & accurate sounds. Yet sobriety and the art of the thumping beat dominate his act, so much so they are the heart of his production: hybrid music for subtle dancefloors, appealing to one’s mind as well as one’s legs…
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