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The story of Žagar started at the beginning of 2001 in Hungary, when the three members of Yonderboi Quintet (Zságer, Kovács, DJ Bootsie) after the Shallow and Profound Tour started rehearsing separetly from the Quintet. First they were performing as PULZUS. The material they have put together durring the rehearsals and the earlier solo works of Balázs Zságer were synthesized and have created the characteristic sounds of the new band.
In the summer of 2002 they already played at different festivals in Hungary and abroad as well under the name Žagar. After that they recorded their debut album Local Broadcast. On this album besides a string quartet there are many featuring artist, one of them the singer György Ligeti (The Puzzle), with whom they used to play together with in the band called The End.
Local Broadcast was released in 2002 in Hungary by UCMG/Ugar records and in 2003 in Austria by Universal Jazz. This album has received warm welcome abroad by professionals and collectors alike. The album was selected for the chart of the 50 all time’s most important Hungarian records by music magazine WAN2. The Zagar band has been performing live ever since their formation. Apart from Hungary they have already played in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia, Czeh Republic and Russia.
Members of the band:
Balázs Zságer aka Zagar - fender rhodes, keys, programming
ANdor Kovács - guitar, bass
DJ Bootsie - scratches
Tibor Lázár - drums
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