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Long Beach, CA

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The band Zephyr Riot was formed in June 2008 by Sorin Chereji (lead vocals/guitars/keyboards) and Paul Espinoza (backing vocals/drums/mandolin) in Union City, California. In 2009, they acquired the talents of Grant Jackson (bass/saxophone), which allowed them to perform in a variety of shows around California, ranging from venues such as Chain Reaction in Anaheim and Rooster’s Roadhouse in Alameda to coffee shops and radio stations such as Paddy’s Coffee House in Union City and Pirate Cat Radio in San Francisco.

Their numerous shows have gained a comfortable beginning fan-base throughout California, but the band strives for more. With their heavy electric sets and tranquil acoustic sound, many friends and fans of Zephyr Riot would say that their music transcends any one specific genre. The closest label for their type of music is progressive/alternative rock. Give them a listen and tell 'em what you think. :)

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