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Accrington, United Kingdom

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Zerobalance Management proudly promotes our artist Chrismorale, a highly skilled, talented and experienced producer/artist with fresh, innovative ideas.

He's a true beatmaster who excels in production of instrumentals of many different styles, and whether you are an artist looking for a unique feel for your demo, mixtape, cd etc, or a film producer looking for a soundtrack for your latest production, you can be assured of a high quality, professional instrumental. Chrismorale takes an individual approach to each instrumental according to specific requirements, is easily contactable and will listen carefully to your needs.

One of the greatest attributes of this young artist/producer is that he IS also an artist with a lifetime of musical experience, and has the ability to see, hear and visualize a beat from the angle of both artist and producer..he knows what works!

He also has an unusual talent for mentally stripping down or compartmentalizing the instruments within samples and hearing where a snare, hihat or other effects would best develop a particular feel. This gives him the edge over many young, aspiring producers today.

Recent collaborations include Paula Perry among other well known artists who are currently working with his beats.

Zerobalance Management strongly advises all prospective clients to check out Chrismorale's sites, hear the messages in his own work..see how his mind works, understand who he is, where he's been and where he's going..its all laid out for you in his tracks!

For examples of production in motion check out these sites:

Enquiries or collaborations, contact:

email: Instant


AIM: chrismorale720

Yahoo: chrismorale03

Lyric Services also available thru ZB Management..Enquiries to: or
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