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zircon (Andrew Aversa) has been a covert ops electronic music specialist since 2002, and currently focuses on developing cutting-edge, rhythm-based defensive systems. His headquarters are presently located in Philadelphia. Recent breakthrough research has led him to pursue music supply operations to film, TV, video games, ads, and other media platforms. Though trained with classical knowledge in the field, Andrew was brought up to speed on modern methods of sonic delivery and has spent the last five years honing his technique. He also releases video game music arrangements and remixes via classified distribution channels ( and is regularly employed in the fields of mastering and sound design.

Zircon is also a black/death/thrash metal band from Worcester Massachusetts. They’ve released a demo, a full length, and a split with Nephillim. Worth seeing live.

Chris of the metal band Zircon has had associations with
Fuckfest, and Acephalus.
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