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Bristol, United Kingdom

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The I Am The Mighty Jungulator band extend the parameters of what-you-can-do-with-live-sample-processing using the alchemical potency of our home-made audio engine (also called I Am The Mighty Jungulator, and described by Future Music magazine as 'the sonic philosophers stone'). After 'kin'ages of heavy programming, jamming, sobbing, shouting and sulking, IATMJ now delivers the golden grail of electro-acoustic-interplay-of-analogue-digital-with-zero-latency that we were always promising (fingers, strings, and wood, captured and instantly shaped into glistening electronic textures and that).

Within this new responsive, improvised continuum the band (ie: whatever k√ľnts happen to be in the room) are free to steer the music in any number of structured or random directions (like riding a drugged bull across a building site), whilst the jungulator keeps everything in tune and in time. The phenomenal live sampling power was roadtested at Joanna McGregors' re-vamped Bath International Music Festival on 2nd June 2006, since when we've been jigging and gigging around England and France and popping up at festivals and people's living rooms

Over the last couple of years we've coughed up an eclectic little bunch of extended EP CD thingies, showcasing the wildly divergent tangents that the band tend to lurch between (fiddly prog, krautrock, death ambience, folk, end-of-the-pier-knees-up, etc) and we're organising more live bits and bobs for the near future. There may yet be a reappearance of the plaintive eastern european folk instrument vibe we sported a while ago. The music's evolving faster than we can record it: its like that cake the womens institute make that keeps growing in your fridge...A Big Proper Pop Album and a Big Proper Proggy Double Album are both due out shortly, in an ideal world in time for Xmas, but this is not an ideal world. Nemo's battered old Nautilus, IATMJ is heading out one more time into international waters, our sights set on the shipping lanes where the fat galleons of the generic pap-merchants ply their trade.

"Ramming speed!"

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