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St. Johns, NF

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AE Bridger creeped on to the St. John’s alternative scene in early 2007 following the release of “The Oh-Six”. This lo-fi lament to demonic possession grabbed the attention of three curious kids, who would later approach AE a few months later to form a group. These young prog rockers pledged their allegiance, and donated their minds and cars to AE’s musical and spiritual endeavours.

Their timing was ideal, for in the 6 months following the release of “The Oh-Six”, AE Bridger had composed another collection of songs entitled “I AM A GHOSTLY LEECH”. Over the summer of 2007, the newly formed AE Bridger Band spent long days rehearsing this new material, and long nights playing for fascinated crowds. A year later, AE Bridger has finally released “I AM A GHOSTLY LEECH”, his most ambitious project yet, and the band has already begun rehearsing new material for the next project….
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