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Aimee Allen

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aimeeallen: If you can't donate to Haiti.. you can always send a prayer. Don't underestimate the power of it.
posted 7 years ago
aimeeallen: RT @RevoLucian: Wow.... they got everyone on this thing. Who's next? Michael Jackson?
posted 7 years ago
aimeeallen: RT @DrRandPaul: http://bit.ly/5rjlYF
posted 7 years ago
aimeeallen: Sundance Channel presents: Elvis Costello's "Inspiration Sessions" with Aimee Allen' at Eventful.com - http://is.gd/6LTrs #EVsunda0127
posted 7 years ago
aimeeallen: RT @RevoLucian: my PANTS ON THE GROUND remix is HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtfMuKeROBU
posted 7 years ago
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My name is Aimee Allen. I was born to sing and write songs. I wrote my first song when I was eight years old. I wasn’t interested in school, and I didn’t particularly care about making friends. When a teacher was giving a lecture, I would write very detailed notes—not to pass their tests, but to try and unearth a great lyric. I only cared about bringing songs to the world; everything else was irrelevant. I felt very alone growing up in Catholic school so I created a rad crew of friends that I listened to during lunch or after school. My best friends were Bob Marley, Ani DiFranco, Tom Waits, the Violent Femmes, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Bad Religion, Bad Brains, Joan Jett, Jeff Buckley, NWA and Rage against the Machine. I had many more friends—then and now, of course—but this was my main crew. I’ve gotta give respect to the ones who got me through such dark days. They understood what I was going through in a way no one I was going to school with ever could. My greatest hope is that I can repay that favor for others.
I only enrolled in college because it was required to get a DJ job at their radio station.... (+) expand
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Santeria covered by Aimee Allen
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Save Me covered by Aimee Allen
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planigan (level 29) wrote:
Love all these tracks. How about adding some The Interupters tunes?
1 month ago
stevewaits (level 4) wrote:
Calling the maker - is my song of the day today XD
5 months ago
pianolove (level 32) wrote:
Neat sound - thanks for uploading! Please come upload more!!
11 months ago
lauriet (level 14) wrote:
I love your voice!
7 years ago
utisz (level 13) wrote:
damn, I was completely floored by calling the maker. my new favorite song. the "john the revalator" hook is a nice touch!
7 years ago
yejiftw (level 8) wrote:
7 years ago
medisina (level 28) wrote:
wow Aimee..=D nice song..SILENCE IS Violence..hearted and saved!!! =D
7 years ago
stone1s (level 10) wrote:
Thanks for sharing your great songs, Calling the maker is neat.

7 years ago
ParaPulse (level 20) wrote:
Love your voice! You're really at home in it and have your style down pat. :)
7 years ago
LindsayTaylor (level 9) wrote:
You are my new favorite artist! Just bought your album...absolutely LOVE your music. Such an inspiration.
7 years ago
LindsayTaylor (level 9) wrote:
absolutely brilliant!
7 years ago
bigmitch (level 5) wrote:
I knew I loved Calling the Maker a minute into my first listen, and I only loved it more by the end. Your voice is enthralling.
7 years ago
Eleanor wrote:
This is excellent. You've got style girl.
7 years ago
googie (level 31) wrote:
I absolutely love your music! Love your voice, the lyrics! My favorite Aimee Allen song isn't even on here though! :-( Not Your Girlfriend flipping rocks! :-D I have all of these songs on my MP3 and realized I hadn't even hearted you... fixing that! Hope all is great with you... sounds like it over <------!
7 years ago
shifter2009 (level 11) wrote:
Calling the maker is badass, well done
7 years ago
gina19 (level 10) wrote:
you are a revelation
7 years ago
mhartger (level 10) wrote:
calling the maker is SICK. damn! so unexpected
7 years ago
Bastianus (level 21) wrote:
Calling The Maker, super! ;)
7 years ago
laineylulu (level 14) wrote:
You have a lovely voice.
7 years ago
golddgr (level 1) wrote:
I was able to find and download her "A Little Happiness" CD from Rhapsody! Happy listening!
7 years ago