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“(Storms is) a cracking well-recorded tune…one we’ve been listening to all month.”
-Future Music UK, June 2008

“Electronic music and rock have long been debating with one another over who’s more sentimental and who’s more macho, each occasionally switching sides. Dead Amps doesn’t bother with this debate. It’s just musicians doing good music.”
-Jon Hershfield of

Dead Amps create an imagery-inducing fusion of electronic pop, post-rock and a hint of experimentalism in their music.

Jonathan & Erin Payne formed Dead Amps in 2007, releasing the four-song Ascension EP, in January 2008. The duo’s full-length CD, Reloader, debuted August 5.
After a handful of singles during 2010, the year 2011 saw the release of Blades EP, plus an assortment of remixes.
Currently, Dead Amps are working on new releases for 2012 and 2013.

Winner, “Best Electronic Rock” at 2008 Orange County Music Awards and the 2008 Inland Empire Music Awards

Future Music UK Demo, Storms : “Hot Pick” June 2008
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Erin Payne: bass, vocals,
Jonathan Payne: vocals,
guitars, keyboards, rhythms
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