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Nashville, TN

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“As a kid, I ripped out a magazine page and taped it to my closet door. It was a picture of a guitar fret board with the words, ‘Don’t just play it, feel it.’ That line became my motto for writing and performing music,” says songwriter Amy Stroup.

As an independent artist, Amy Stroup has released four albums under her own music label (formerly Solidity Music) including, The Other Side of Love | Session One. She partnered with ACM award-winning producer Nathan Chapman on the project to deliver delicately honest lyrics, pure vocals and thoughtful instrumentation.

Recently, Stroup has taken a less conventional approach, collaborating with a few good friends for the next three sessions of The Other Side of Love. Sessions Two, Three, and Four are set to release in 2010 under her new independent label, Milkglass. The projects will house new songs from this fresh talent, along with current favorites "Hold Onto Hope, Love", "Chin Up" and "Odds of Being Alone" all of which debuted last fall on ABC and CW. Session Two premiers April 2010 and is being produced by Stroup and Thomas Doeve.

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