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New Haven, CT

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Anchorage is one person: Caitlin Pequignot.

I'm from Orlando, but I live in New Haven. I love playing shows around campus and the city and am always looking for people with which to play, since it gets pretty lonely and boring trying to make all the music come alive on stage alone.

I write music that I like, and I like some pretty disparate music. If you like that, then I like you.

I write, play, mix, produce, and master my own music, which means I'm either broke or a control freak.

In unrelated news, I enjoy walking around campus with headphones, writing science fiction, getting out of lab early, playing the violin in grimy basements or concert halls, and creating really fantastic houses in minecraft.

You can download my latest complete album "Out of the Garden" here as well as on Upcoming album "Calling Card Catalogue" is being built up now, so let me know what you think of all the possible tracks that could go on it as I upload the newest ones!
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