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Andrew Morris

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I was born Andrew Maxwell Morris in Melbourne, Australia. I lived down under until the age of 9. In the middle of that, my dad shipped me to Fiji for a couple of years and then back to Melbourne. At the age of 9, my parents packed up the Australian dream we and left for the shores of the United Kingdom, where I have lived on and off for the past 15 years, studying, writing and playing in bands and on my own on the acoustic stages of London and the South West. Its been an interesting journey this far...

Through my childhood journey I saw countries you could only dream of deserts in Saudi Arabia, Wadis in Oman, the Sultans palace in Brunei and jungle in Malaysia and Fiji. I’ve met so many amazing people, like ships in the night who have left a mark. A traveller at heart, I write music with an open mind. Thrown into piano lessons at the age of five and wrote my first song at 12, I went onto become a drummer and then a guitar player at 15, and the rest is just history. I have always been a songwriter and even when not writing, I am thinking about songs, lyrics, ideas.

The Journey so far has included: Playing at Glastonbury 2008, being 'Hotly Tipped' by Itunes, Supporting Maril... (+) expand
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dustincochran1 (level 34) wrote:
Recently heard "Dust" from Rolthemuso's radio. Must say, it is quite the beautiful song. It deserves so much more love on this site. I added it to my latest "Best of T61" playlist I'm building. Truly a great song!
1 year ago
aliadawn (level 10) wrote:
Had a bf from Aus...his dad had a resort called "Vatulele" so we went for holiday. :) You playing LA soon at all?
7 years ago
aliadawn (level 10) wrote:
As an artist with uncounted friends who are as well...I know we can all relate to the inspiration behind Dust. Thanks for posting! Sidenote: Love Fiji and Melbourne both dearly. Spent a bit of time on Vatulele and <3 it.
7 years ago
acottreau (level 15) wrote:
I really enjoy your music...wish I had more love to give but I will send my friends your way.

7 years ago
greyhead (level 40) wrote:
Congratulations on Wedding Song making the homepage!
7 years ago
folkfruit (level 31) wrote:
Congrats on "Wedding Song" hitting the homepage :))
7 years ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
"Wedding Song" is very good. Thanks.
7 years ago
shankc (level 37) wrote:
hullo thanks for letting me know! :D GREAT wedding song even if a like dust the best! :D will come by with more hearts later!
7 years ago
Alexiss2004 (level 13) wrote:
Hello Andrew!
Thank you very much for your message!
I am listening to your song in this moment and it is really beautiful indeed.

A heart for you and I hope that you receive many more!♥

Regards from Argentina.

7 years ago
carpii (level 17) wrote:
Thats a nice sound you've got going on.
Wedding song is great
7 years ago
folkfruit (level 31) wrote:
Thank you so much for the heads up. "Wedding Song" is another great track.

I'll be back with 14x when I earn hearts. Prepare yourself for another heart attack!
7 years ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
Andrew, you have done it again. Wedding Song...what a beautiful track! Thank you so much for letting me know. I literally run to my computer when I get home from work and the first thing I do is make my way here to see what I missed. Your messages are such a sweet thing to do and I really appreciate it.
7 years ago
amikkon (level 32) wrote:
What a beautiful song... fantastic.
7 years ago
greyhead (level 40) wrote:
Very very pleased to do the honours, it's a beautiful song!!
7 years ago
susabelle (level 13) wrote:
Wedding Song - Like the melody and love the lyrics.
Dust - I've given you my maximum ♥s but will be back with more - it's my favourite!
Keep them coming!
7 years ago
clover (level 46) wrote:
This song is so beautiful, it makes me cry. Thanks, it was worth the wait.
7 years ago
clover (level 46) wrote:
More, please!
7 years ago
susabelle (level 13) wrote:
Very, very nice. I'll be looking for your next one to ♥.
7 years ago
Roland Albertson wrote:
Just about to upload my next one bud. Let me know what you think. So cool that's we're both on the home page. Fuck yeah! Will call you later about that drink.


7 years ago
AlexanderPetrov (level 8) wrote:
You are awesome, man!
I hope you make it HUGE & make many more people happy with your gift!
I'm your biggest fan in Ukraine :)
7 years ago