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Portland, OR

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From Willamette Week's MFNW Handbook, 2008:

Another Cynthia[Guitar Heros]

This six-member, all-male brunette Bridgetown band looks and sounds like totally classic indie-garage-dance rock. I'll unpack: Fresh-faced and occasionally outfitted in Beatles-esque suits and skinny ties, Another Cynthia creates a happy hybrid of super catchy electropop melodies, cheeky choruses and punchy pop bass lines to remember-it's the kind of thing that usually catches on big.


(Hawthorne Theatre, 1507 SE 39th)
Wow, Another Cynthia, I totally didn't expect to love you when I first saw your name on this bill. There's just something about your band name that screams "screamo." But you are, like, soooo not screamo. With sample drum noise and live beats backing up new wavy keys and a ton of vocals swirling around each other, you're super awesome in a dark new wave kind of way. It's the same kind of thing that made me drool retardedly over the second Faint record, only you guys have waaay better vocals, and not so '80s-ish arrangements. I'm totally going to be at your Hawthorne Theatre show. Can't wait to buy a copy of your self-titled CD. Sweet! Oh, I won't be surprised when I hear you for the first time on the radio. It'll be like, "Dudes! Told ya so!" GM



Weekend Artist Series: Portland's ANOTHER CYNTHIA

It's Friday evening and wanted to leave you with some great music. The profile artist for the weekend is Another Cynthia. I first wrote about them last August and I actually ended up naming them the Most Underrated Band in 2006. Yep - Definitely Worthy of a listen and a place in your collection. Just remember you saw it here first (again.)

ANOTHER CYNTHIA - the band you'll leave your current favorite indie CD for. A 2006 must have for your collection! This is the amazing new band from Portland. They are sporting the best new sound and some truly amazing production values. Together it makes for an amazing new sound.What else can I possibly say? Read on friends, read on.

This probably won't be the last time I tell you how much I am enjoying Another Cynthia's latest project or flash back to what they have already done (numerous accolades including RSL Underrated Album of the Year 2006. I mean, everyone loves an underdog especially one that's this talented.) But this might be the last time I need to tell you about Another Cynthia because being good eventually gets you noticed - even amidst a wide dark sea of contenders.

Both VH1 and MTV (believe it or not) are waking up to their sound. Both are using snippets of AC's catchy tracks on their television shows in addition to playing their songs. MTV showcased two tracks during their last Music Awards. The fan base is growing. It's good to see good things happen for this talented, hard working bands. This level of attention will likely result in a tour sometime soon. Only time will tell.

The Mannequin EP is available for Free Download.

You want it - It's Good.

So get in on this multi-faceted talent factory. They are super DIY, playing instruments themselves, running their own boards and producing their own records. This is what indie is all about. Here's your chance to grab a free album's worth of material, listen to the songs and tell your friends that you knew about them before they broke it big. It could happen here in '08.
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