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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Arcade Fire

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The Arcade Fire are Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury, Sarah Neufeld, Jeremy Gara and Win's little brother Will.

2005 was an eventful one for The Arcade Fire. In June 2003, Régine's grandmother Nancy died; in August, Win and Régine were married; in September, the Arcade Fire started recording their debut album. In March 2004, Win and Will's grandfather Alvino Rey died; Richard Parry’s Aunt Betsy passed away in April; in May 2004 the Arcade Fire were signed to Merge Records, and completed their album. It having been something of a heavy hitting year, the band's minds were somewhat a-whirl. The deaths of Nancy , Alvino and Betsy brought to mind all the people they had loved who had died: they decided to call their newly completed album Funeral.

The Arcade Fire reside in Montreal, Quebec. Win moved to Montreal four winters ago, as a panther moves from jungle to jungle—silently, with rocking shoulder blades. Looking for musicians, he found Régine, who combed his sleek fur and removed the thorns from his paws.

Régine had secretly learned to sing, play piano, guitar, accordion, mandolin, flute, drums, and harmonica while her parents weren't watching. H... (+) expand
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happosai (level 23) wrote:
Arcade Fire is on T61?! What the fuck! You guys are so awesome, I need to heart everything of your uploads!
7 years ago
pechy29 (level 7) wrote:
great sound.
7 years ago
just1six (level 7) wrote:
For those of you who havent seen this video, check it out. But jump to minute four when they are actually playing "Neon Bible"

7 years ago
Vetro (level 28) wrote:
and and and…" wake up " !!!
7 years ago
LEMON SUN wrote:
Love your first record! When can we expect the next one?
7 years ago
Marieke (level 19) wrote:
it's nice to find music on here that's not that unknown. I like your music, and the ambiance you create.
7 years ago
xDreamsNeverLastx (level 11) wrote:
Oh, sweet, you do have some music up here. I was hoping I'd find you on t61. I don't know why I didn't look before.
7 years ago
8burkk (level 15) wrote:
Great job.
7 years ago
michael82178 (level 13) wrote:
Wow...this is fantastic!
7 years ago
Krumb (level 25) wrote:
I got so excited when I heard Wake Up in the preview for Where the Wild Things Are
7 years ago
Vetro (level 28) wrote:
Please post "My Body is a Cage"
7 years ago
ascstudios (level 1) wrote:
love this band very creative....my fav song ever is naive melody and they killed it with the steele drum!!!!!!
7 years ago
Elisa Ferrari wrote:
Hi there! Nice songs. Hope you might like mine too.
7 years ago
twodollars (level 12) wrote:
this song electrifies me everytime! great one to see 'em perform live!
7 years ago
da2pacolypse (level 4) wrote:
arcade awesome
7 years ago
libby (level 30) wrote:
love your music.......never stop
7 years ago
JimChee (level 24) wrote:
g00d........................... h0uba-h0uba !!
7 years ago
aushua (level 17) wrote:
Wake up!
7 years ago
gzork6 (level 11) wrote:
I'd like to Arcade Fire live!
7 years ago
DerekRobson (level 23) wrote:
Very glad you're on the T61 !!
7 years ago