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Melbourne, Australia

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"A band who's name says it all. The Heavenly sound of melody, with the Axe attack of real power. They've got the gritty attitude we've come to expect from all Aussie bands, but definitely have their own edge." - Malcolm Dome (METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE/TOTAL ROCK RADIO UK)

"VROOOM VROOOOOM!!! Just like a hot chick driving a V8"

Heaven The Axe are a juxtaposition between the illustrious, hypnotic, powerful and rhythmically pounding female vocals of Phoebe Pinnock, that twist their way around a stomping Aussie riff factory! The fellas in said factory are a bunch of extreme metal heads from notorious and groundbreaking Aussie bands such as Manticore, Damaged, The Berzerker, Abramelin and House of Thumbs - The vibe is ENERGY!!!

Heaven The Axe is a ball tearing expression of Aussie culture at its most stereotypical and most extreme. The combination of masculine balls and feminine structure and style makes a modern and widely appealing, adaptable style of Australian rock combining metal riffs, tight and tough guitar driven music teamed with catchy, tough, immense female vocals.

This is a band who will decimate your stereos, and will only surpass that by decimating your senses when you see them live!

Heaven The Axe played at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on July 28th as part of a showcase of Australias best up and coming talent and will be playing in the Sydney Dime (Dimebag Darrell Festival) Show in Windsor, Sydney, on August 20 and The Bald Faced Stag in Leichhardt, Sydney August 21 after an acoustic showcase to be aired on SWRFM 99.9FM Sydney, that day.

Heaven The Axe are playing at Street Machines Summernats Car Festival from Jan 6-9 2011, Exhibition Park, Canberra ACT, Australia.
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