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Boston, MA

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Mining indie rock, country, and the worst of basic cable, The Longwalls make American pop music--stalking a line from classic indie rock to big-twang with heady stops along the way.

A perfect blend of Americana and catchy-as-heck pop. — Band in Boston

The Longwalls evoke wintry discontent and hope springing eternal within the walls of their latest album, Kowloon… a lovely novella of an album. — The Owl Mag

The band masterfully blends traditional folk instruments and music with a modern style of synth usage, sound modulation, and atmospheric noise dynamics that is really quite impressive and pleasing to the ears. — Red Line Roots

The Longwalls have created a solid album that treats melancholy with a bit of twang, a pinch of grunge and a ton of heart. — mxdwn

The Longwalls capture the sound of a dusty repetitious highway and the lonely poetic spirit of adventure. — Mojophenia
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