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Melbourne, Australia

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"This is like mr bungle on meth" - Turbo P.

"faun is still THE best song on the internet!" - Station X

"When i played Bankai - Unstoppable my dog turned into Optimus Prime. Also, I almost got a speeding ticket while listening to PARTY HARDER". - seventoes.

Faun is about as epic as it gets - synthosaurus.

"makes me go POW with my arms as if my hands are cannon balls when the bass explodes in an orgasm of fury" - Bluebie

"Faun makes me want to fistfight myself" - Ahrk

"My God, This is why I listen to this freaking stuff. Its like you are floating through space, and a tiger on a motorcycle, leaps over your head on a freaking lightning storm - Archous

"Strut just melted my Self into a puddle and might or might not be currently rebuilding it. If it is, I'll burn the plans" - Momentary Prophets

"Damn that felt good. It sounded something like this, "HOLYSHIIIITHOLYSHIIIITHOLYSHIIIITHOLYSHIIIIT!" - RevProtocol

"woah, woah, woah, what the fuck is up with this song being so awesome... ninjas, aggression, distorted bass that summons godzilla... fuck yeah!" - Jride

"man.. this song isn't sugarcoated, it's lathered in high-fructose corn syrup!" - hotshotjosh

"I feel like I just got sucked into a computer, and the computer is collapsing, and I'm being chased by giant robot monsters, with like.. sledge hammers. Amazing."this dude, he introduced me to T61 and is rad)

All Bankai is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

I've been here on T61 since the 29th of June, 09.
Hit 1337 listeners on 24th September, 09.
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