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Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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Born and raised in the North of England, Lee Gibson spent most of his formative years avoiding
the usual temptation of joining a band, as most musicians in the area did. Jamming with fellow musicians was Lee`s hobby and this stood him in good stead for his musical evolvement.

Blending his love of the melodies of the Beatles with the more `rock` guitar stylings of the 60`s Stones man Mick Taylor and incorporating influences from The Allmann Bros to The Black Crowes,
Lee`s sound is a mixture of Rock/ Blues with a hint of alternative Country.

In the past couple of years he has become one of the best known artists playing Second Life, the online virtual reality community. The online experience has allowed him to play to many people in every corner of the world. He is also a member of the exclusive Second Life group called The O R I G I N A L S, which attracts vast online listeners.

In the `real world` he has recently joined the collective group of musicians known as Acoustic Magic which tour the North of England playing mainly original material to an ever growing crowd.
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