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Available now… “You Are Here: Midnight” by Ant The Symbol… download the EP for free at: http://blocsonic.com/releases/bsmx0148
posted 2 months ago
Available now... “soBELOW (THE groundZERO SINGLES 2006-2016)” by LOWdown… download the album for free at: http://blocsonic.com/releases/bsog0060
posted 3 months ago
Available now... “TA2MI Presents: Cheese N Pot-C”… download the EP for free at: http://blocsonic.com/releases/bsmx0145
posted 3 months ago
Available now… “Fridays, Volume 1”, Maxwell Powers debut album for blocSonic! Download the album for free at: http://blocsonic.com/releases/bsog0059
posted 3 months ago
Available now... “Saturday”, the first single from Maxwell Powers' forthcoming album “Fridays, Volume 1”. Download the maxi-single for free at: http://blocsonic.com/releases/bsmx0144
posted 3 months ago
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blocSonic is a Maine-based label dedicated to bringing you the best in #CreativeCommons licensed music! We release original releases and our netBloc compilations which spotlight great music from all over the netaudio/ccmusic world!

Download FREE albums with complete album art and PDF booklets in FLAC, MP3 and OGG formats!

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HollisSmith8 (level 20) wrote:
Howdy Here
10 months ago
ky (level 40) wrote:
Cool - thanks for the explanation --- will check out the neighboring tracks! Looking forward to more!
1 year ago
hypernation (level 32) wrote:
Great to be back. Love this netlabel so much.
1 year ago
ky (level 40) wrote:
loving the GetBack... but i think it may have been cut off early... regardless, dude, you are living the dream ; )

thanks for sharing this - brilliant!
1 year ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
hip hop is never dead as long as this is bumpin
1 year ago
Suzen (level 15) wrote:
what a very sweet vibe your music has.
1 year ago
sygolowpitch (level 18) wrote:
Very cool stuff here! Love "Still Dreaming". BIG quote at the start is killer!! Classy flow !!
7 years ago
Fabrizio Paterlini wrote:
hi! happy new year and keep on the good work!
7 years ago
dwaynehoov (level 17) wrote:
dig it
7 years ago
CesarJulius (level 36) wrote:
another solid release.

i still believe in bufi....

once it gets going for real, it will snowball like a muhfucka.
7 years ago
sitcommunist (level 34) wrote:
sure thing, have another or 3
cheers sonic comrades!
7 years ago
QuixoticNeurotic (level 30) wrote:
Holy uploads, Batman!
7 years ago
hypernation (level 32) wrote:
Brill. BTW Life on Ceres has some great tracks.
7 years ago
Thiefbone (level 36) wrote:
Wow, a whole trove of groove right here!
7 years ago
hypernation (level 32) wrote:
Yay! First heart. I thin k my last first heart was JPA...
7 years ago
hypernation (level 32) wrote:
GREAT news! Bring it on...
7 years ago
gReg0r (level 14) wrote:
hey there, i was wondering if garmish have any album out yet ... can't find anything on their homepage or myspace. would like to support this great group!
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
Garmisch - U Fine all day in my mind
7 years ago
bmbmbmbm (level 23) wrote:
Just discovered you through the mellow 'mood' link. very enjoyable music
7 years ago
hypernation (level 32) wrote:
Congrats on Lv 3 - you totally deserve it. I downloaded Netbloc 20 already so I'll max this one too!
7 years ago