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Bob Ricci

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Living in a world of mystique, Bob Ricci was rarely one to give interviews. Writing the songs that defined a generation of classic rock fans, though, answered more questions than any interview could. After penning the song "Stairway to Hea... ...Yikes, I’m sorry. I’m the manager for a multitude of artists and sometimes I get them mixed up. Is it alright if I start over? Bob’s paying me a ton of money to write this and I don’t want to get the wrong information out!


Bob Ricci is a musical artist, with a knack for comedy, who has been performing parodies and writing creatively original music since his early teens. Bob has built a diverse and powerful fan base over the years through his exciting and funny live performances as well as his ingenious and hilarious lyrical compositions; all the while focusing on a dedication to the integrity of the artists’ and his own music.

Bob has recorded, promoted, and sold two record albums and is currently working on his hotly anticipated third album, with requests for more national and international CD sales and new music received daily. Bob has a global estimated fan base of over 250,000 based upon CD sales and internet traffic. H... (+) expand
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marcares (level 32) wrote:
Bob Weird Ricci you rock!
1 year ago
1990kate (level 21) wrote:
Actually love it...good choice of clone songs Kate xxx
7 years ago
Tiix (level 4) wrote:
Love the songs, makes work go SO much faster!! 5 for 1 fits perfect!! Keep it up please and thanks!!!
7 years ago
Selma (level 34) wrote:
Love "I Whish"
7 years ago
theabledanger (level 35) wrote:
The clone band is my favorite. Your bandmates are dicks.
7 years ago
smarkwell (level 11) wrote:
more clone-band! :)
7 years ago
norsealum (level 21) wrote:
It's a parody not a cover. If it was a cover he would have had the same lyrics and only modified some timing, notes and other misc. things to give the song his identity.
7 years ago
craigmiresears (level 28) wrote:
hey man, the new song is a cover...nickelback...at least acknowledge the original artist!
7 years ago
ScribKid (level 11) wrote:
More clone-band!! Awesome stuff
7 years ago
bluemike807 (level 11) wrote:
Bob, listened to your whole line up while cranking out a university project - you got me through the horror of it all! Thanks man! More Clone-Band!
7 years ago
depricated (level 11) wrote:
It's all so good, I don't even know how else to praise it but to say daaaaaaaaaamn!
7 years ago
AtheistHearthrob (level 22) wrote:
I dig it! :)
7 years ago
thepatweir (level 19) wrote:
hahahhahaha I love The New Song. I have always said that there is a place and a time for any kind of music ... except for Nickleback. It sounds kinda like the dude is trying really hard to take a crap, I do videos and I really want someday to do a music video where Nicklebacks just taking a crap the whole time. Love much love
7 years ago
nathanieletc (level 17) wrote:
Dude, I love mashups... a mega-mashup-acoustic-cover-awesomeness? That's even cooler! "5 for 1" was the very first song thesixtyone recommended to me (as similar to I Fight Dragons)... glad it turned out to be great!
7 years ago
whohaa (level 1) wrote:
Hilarious man. Thank you.
7 years ago
chorankates (level 29) wrote:
wow. 5 for 1 is awesome. i'll be back for more
7 years ago
vinnicksdream (level 1) wrote:
Hi Bob, great to hear that the new song is out! Love it even more than the first time I heard it . How's your dad? Hopefully I'll talk to your mom today! I want to list more of your songs!!! Dominick listens to you every night!
7 years ago
MrHolley13 (level 1) wrote:
awesome music!! i could listen to it for hours an d hours!!
7 years ago
allenone (level 23) wrote:
5 for 1 had me pulled in real good then the "That Don't Impress Me Much" bridge just slayed me.
Nice work Mr. Ricci!
7 years ago
Blunt360 (level 26) wrote:
Love the songs mate :D Especially you and your clone band :D
7 years ago