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Tampa, FL

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Living in a world of mystique, Bob Ricci was rarely one to give interviews. Writing the songs that defined a generation of classic rock fans, though, answered more questions than any interview could. After penning the song "Stairway to Hea... ...Yikes, I’m sorry. I’m the manager for a multitude of artists and sometimes I get them mixed up. Is it alright if I start over? Bob’s paying me a ton of money to write this and I don’t want to get the wrong information out!


Bob Ricci is a musical artist, with a knack for comedy, who has been performing parodies and writing creatively original music since his early teens. Bob has built a diverse and powerful fan base over the years through his exciting and funny live performances as well as his ingenious and hilarious lyrical compositions; all the while focusing on a dedication to the integrity of the artists’ and his own music.

Bob has recorded, promoted, and sold two record albums and is currently working on his hotly anticipated third album, with requests for more national and international CD sales and new music received daily. Bob has a global estimated fan base of over 250,000 based upon CD sales and internet traffic. His website alone,, pulls in upwards of 350,000 hits per day at its peak, and his increasing CD sales (well over 150,000 digital and hard copy albums since November 2004) have put Bob Ricci in the eyes of venues and fans across the nation.

2005 started off with a bang for Bob Ricci when his song She Blocked Me, a parody of She Hates Me by Puddle of Mudd, was turned into a flash animation by "Samb", a dedicated German fan. This garnered international attention, attracting radio stations in countries such as Norway , Netherlands , Scotland , England , Sweden , Canada , Russia , and others. Of course, being an American artist Bob has been aired on stations all over the United States as well. This kind of popularity has not been a fluke as his fans scream for more live performances and have allowed Bob to play increasingly more outside of New England venues.
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