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Canfield, OH

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In spring 2006, in Youngstown, Ohio, three guys formed a band. Just one more band weathering the slow motion storm that everybody knows as the Rust Belt. With no grand scheme or plans to remake the world, our three assembled players, Ian James, Tony Cucitrone, and Josh Good simply began making music. Soon enough, the sounds they were producing were becoming altogether different. Experience playing with other Youngstown acts allowed them to craft a prog-and-math instrumental sound unlike anything ever heard in their native city before. A sonic landscape abound not just with peaks and valleys, but with jungle and tundra. With famine and deluge. With an intimacy and a hostility that one never thought would be possible from a band with no lyrics. Intricate instrumentation with precipitous timing changes make stylistic definitions near impossible, so assign all of the labels and styles you wish. Eventually, it will become futile. Ian, Tony, and Josh shrug off genres. They are Braille.
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