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Hamilton, ON

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Brendan DiStefano is young, raw, and will do whatever it takes to make his music better. Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, he makes a name for himself out of a province raging with new and unbelievable acts. Brendan has a work ethic of a hundred men, and once his mind is set onto a goal, there is no rest.

Brendan's age should never be deceived as to what his talents are. "There's nowhere to go but up, and I have a lot of room to grow, as a person and as an artist," Brendan states. Brendan continues to amaze those around him. 25-year-old dj and producer, Justin Frost, claims "Brendan's knowledge of producing is astonishing. I've met 30-year-old professional producers whose sound is less quality then what he is producing at 15,".

Since the age of 11, Brendan has been producing his own material, and recording in his room alone, and isolated. His mixes have only gotten better and better as the years have gone by.

What's next for this 15-year-old pop-rock phenomenon? Brendan is writing immensely and working merciless to finish a brand-new, hot off the press, EP. He has been working alongside with a local producer, just to get the best out of everything.

"I am putting my blood, sweat, and tears into this record. I just want to produce the best product I can, and deliver one of my greatest achievements I've made in my lifetime. You can quote me on this one," Brendan confidently states.

We should all be looking out for an all-new record in the Spring of 2010. It's coming.
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