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Helsinki, Finland

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Bubble Scum has just released their compelling debut album “Body 2 body” and now they are ready to hit the stages. Band is the group of three hailing from Helsinki, can easily be named a supergroup of finnish electronic pop. They deliver a blend of sleazy, seductive rock and sparkly electronic dance music fronted by the lead vocalist Suho Superstar, known very well in the finnish rock circuit as a legendary singer of such cult groups as Jimsonweed and Jericho Fuzz. The bass player Minttu Muranen, on the other hand, has a reputation of being not only the coolest but also by far the tightest she-bassist in the country, playing for such groups as Superchrist and Grumps. The producer Heba Rinkinen, the man behind the electronics, has been staying away from the limelight as a proper sound wizard should, although his resume goes all the way from underground electronica to platinum pop.

Although the band has not been functional in this form for longer than a couple of years the already have had their tracks on both major film soundtracks and the playlist of the finnish national radio, equivalent of the BBC, along with festival performances. Their debut album, “Body2Body” offers you a uniquely intoxicating musical coctail, that the band serves in a razor sharp and vibrant way both on the recording and on the live stage.
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