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Capo Freenote

blues and pop     171 listeners


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4. sumar
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6. SuzenJueL
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9. teacher
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Capo Freenote performs original blues, rock & Americana influenced tunes.

He has recorded two albums, "Capo Freenote" & "The Laura Sessions" available on this website.
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sumar (level 40) wrote:
Will do Capo. Think I caught the new one today.
8 years ago
GUMBO (level 13) wrote:
roses everywhere.....nice !!!!!....cant u get shorts with roses on??? :):)
8 years ago
ganglyblueheron (level 37) wrote:
I'm happy to have first bump on "I didn't know what love could bring." I enjoy it. Thanks.
8 years ago
freetobeme61 (level 25) wrote:
8 years ago
anna8587fun (level 3) wrote:
I just happened to find you on here and I'm so glad I did. I just love your music! I can't stop playing it. I'm going to download it. To tell you the truth, I usually don't even like such soft music but your sound and lyrics are just so wonderfully sweet and refreshing. Thank you for posting it. I am going to try to see you on Second Life. I think I'm a FAN! lol
8 years ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
ETA .... just checked my Capo list and there's a few missing.. Oh well, at least this time I managed to grab a first-bump :D
8 years ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
WOW Capo! you're uploading them faster than I can bump em :D And yes, I was thinking the same thing, I'm thinking I've bumped some of these before?
8 years ago
Jammers1 (level 39) wrote:
Are these new versions of previously uploaded songs? I am sure that I first bumped Roses Everywhere at least a month ago and bumped a few of the others as well. I’m listed as one of your listeners, but I don’t add songs that I don’t bump. It looks as if I haven’t bumped any of these songs. I’m confused.
8 years ago
LatteDagostino (level 11) wrote:
Great song! And hooray you made the home page!! Would You Could You is still my favorite, though. :)

Look forward to the next one!
8 years ago
the Professor wrote:
I threw a few bumps on "you should be here"
nice tune!
8 years ago
Suzen JueL Resistance wrote:
5pm EST and 6pm EST
10pm UK and 11pm UK
2pm and 3pm Pacific
3pm and 4pm Mountain
http://slmusic.info:8920 Tune In if you are so inclined, pass it around, I will be broadcasting Live from Minneapolis :) into Second Life or into your iTunes .....listen at those times.....you'll hear me....2 hours of live acoustic blues SoulFolk!
8 years ago
SuzenJueL (level 24) wrote:
pecan pie is the BEST pie of them all....but Cherry Cheesecake RAWKS....and yeah ok...i hate sweets, but those things can be damn tasty...Love your song babe! YOU ROLL! :)
8 years ago
LatteDagostino (level 11) wrote:
Great stuff Capo! Love it, love it, love it!

Can't wait for the next one. :)
8 years ago
listenerc (level 7) wrote:
I loaded, I listened, I bumped you! Living Room Tues? See you there.
8 years ago
SuzenJueL (level 24) wrote:
came to bump, can't bump anymore....used all my bumps on ya~! peace to ya Capo...looking forward to having you again at Living ROom Next TUE...peace :)
8 years ago
Kerry Politzer wrote:
Hi! I just found you on Second Life. (Kerry Primrose here)
8 years ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
Congratulations on reaching the top of the front page Capo!
9 years ago
Lessa (level 29) wrote:
Congrats on Front Page and Number one on "Don't Teach Me Nothing"!!!!
9 years ago
BibiBallinger01 (level 27) wrote:
Ya gotta love them Texas boys! Great songs! Great to see ya here, em...in your underwear!
9 years ago
BobbiJoJonson (level 26) wrote:
I haven't seen you in Second Life yet, though have heard your name whispered .... and what I find here.. if only a smattering of your talent,
I need more.....

Hope to catch you ... playing live
9 years ago