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Pomona, CA

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Wckr Spgt formed in 1981 and began recording and performing in 1982. An unconventional group of artists with a quirky, often controversial sense of humor, Wckr Spgt has remained a vital and vibrant force deep beneath the underground scene in the Inland Empire.

This versatile and unpredictable act has toured as a rock and roll band, performed soundtrack music for art shows, presented performance art "rock operas", and built themselves into an 8'x8' box onstage.

The recordings, of which there are over 1000 songs and more than 50 full-length albums, have included experimental noisescapes, punk rock, pop radio songs, anthemic fist-pumping sing alongs, and improvisational rock and roll. Currently the band performs a blend of the driving rock sound they honed in the early-nineties with a bit of performance art thrown into the live shows and a dash of improvisation sprinkled on top. Whatever shape the music takes, Wckr Spgt's unique outlook and avant garde humor slices through the heart of it all.

The three core members, Joel Huschle, Mark Givens, and Dave Carpenter, have been together over twenty-five years. Kyle Brodie is the "new guy", having joined the band a mere 16 years ago. A plethora of musicians have been a part of Wckr Spgt at one time or another, sometimes to form side projects and sometimes as band members. The members of Wckr Spgt have likewise played with a wide variety of other musical acts.
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