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Las Vegas, NV

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ALTERNATIVE.URBAN.ROCK.TRONIC.JAZZ OR You can call it Music For The Cultural Breakdown Of An Attentionless America. Musicianship is out of this world and coming to a galaxy near you. Be prepared for sounds you've heard and ones you never heard before.

Crossing the gaps between cultural and popular styles of music. Making music is a chance to break the mundane and point the mind into a new direction while passing through the known universe as well.

"There are only seven notes." I was told once. Really there's twelve notes, multiplied by skill, minus the notes between notes, plus notes of inspiration, all taken to the power of your brain and only limited to the speed of your computer.

My music has been described as "I Ain't Never Heard Those Sounds Before!" & "Oh, I Love That Song!" & "That Shit Is Tight!" Curiosity is what it sparks in people. "Yeah, After The Song Starts, And About Ten Seconds Into It I've Forgotten What The Last Song Sounded Like." Says A Friend. My neighbor thinks I am the best contemporary composer she has ever heard.

Some Call It Music ...... Just Don't Call My Songs Beats.
I have spent many hours making beats, adding keyboards, bass, guitars, more beats, backbeats, beats you can't even hear, not to mention the mixing, sound designing, sampling, multitracking, overdubbing, effect & source automating, performing, producing, final mixdown, and mastering of Spinning Planets, not beats. Thanks
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