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London, United Kingdom

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Chiller Twist was started as a recording project in 1998. Working with just an Atari and some basic sound modules Sl!m experimented with many different dance styles. Some of these early experiments can still be downloaded as free mp3s from the many mp3 sites on the net.

The Plum Projects label, formed with his partner late 1998, initially promoted and sold Chiller Twist's music exclusively on the internet. Giving away special mp3 mixes of tracks for sale on CD it proved successful as a way of building a network of interested parties. This was thought a fair way of introducing Chiller Twist's music to whoever was interested AND a way of allowing fans to show their appreciation, compensating Sl!m to produce more music full time.

In 1999 it was decided to try and take the label up a level by also working in the more traditional "distributor to retail" way.

Plum Projects released two 12" Chiller Twist singles via Unique Distribution in 1999. "Banshee" (with a Jon The Dentist remix) sold out of its first two pressings and was played at many UK clubs including Peach and Gatecrasher. "Timebomb" (Skynet UK T minus 6.58 remix) followed along a similar path and was even supported by Pete Tong on his highly influencial Essential Selection show on BBC Radio 1.

The year 2000 was quiet release wise as Sl!m single handedly and on a shoestring budget went about making business affiliations to present the label professionally to both public and music industry. The label changed distributors to Pinnacle and Chiller Twist recorded many new tracks. Offers of remix work began and this momentously led up to Paul Oakenfold choosing the "Chiller Twist Cosmosis Remix" of Velvet Girl - "Velvet" as the first track on his "Travelling" compilation.

2001 saw three further Chiller Twist 12" singles released. "Driverz Of The Deep" was greatly acclaimed, receiving excellent reviews. The original mix was again played by Pete Tong and was later licensed to the compilation "Interpretations II" mixed by Jerry Bonham. The "senna summer mix" meanwhile was licensed to "Progressive Euphoria", mixed by John 00 Fleming and "Way Out There" mixed by Jody Wisternoff.

"Do You Hear It ?", also released as a ltd.edition enhanced cd, was also very well reviewed gaining 5 stars in DJ magazine. The original mix, described as "a future balearic classic", was well supported by cafe Djs in Ibiza while the "bet two for good" mix did damage on the more progressive dancefloors and later was on Sandra Collins' Cream compilation.

"Stringz Ultd." (shelley mix) was the best received 12" yet appearing on a Mixmag covermount CD in the UK. It was also licensed to compilations in Asia, Europe and Australasia and is a favourite with DJ Tiesto.

2002 saw Chiller Twist make further friends with remixes for Solid Sessions, Jan Johnston and Insigma.

Sl!m worked with vocalist Ra Khahn for an album which has yet to be released. Tentatively called "Myriad Soul" the whole project morphed into a Alternative Rock band called Nerve which gigged in 2004 and 2005 in London, UK. Nerve split at the end of 2005.

An album with male vocalist Ra Khahn was recorded and, while rehearsing to take the sound live, bizarrely morphed into a Alternative Rock band “Nerve” which played a string of gigs over a couple of years in and around the London (UK) area. Neither the Chiller Twist or Nerve albums recorded have been released, although some tracks from the era can be heard at Chiller Twist’s MySpace page.

Ra Khahn since moved on to Milke and Monarchy.

Sl!m has been quiet since 2005 when he did a couple of mixes for Matt Darey’s label Darey Products although he did surface in 2009 for a remix of Thinskin “Strip Me Down” showing more minimal and techno influences.

There is some internet activity of late to suggest more music may be on the way.
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