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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Chrissy Budzinski

folk and blues     138 listeners


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Introducing Chrissy, a Folk singer/songwriter whose style of music ranges from beautiful heartfelt ballads to upbeat and outrageous fun songs. Her warm crystal clear voice and awesome acoustic guitar playing will spell bound you. She’s truly a performer you won’t forget!

A native of Titusville, PA, Chrissy started playing guitar when she was twelve - writing her first song at fifteen. When asked about her music, she says “most of my music speaks of things I’ve experienced or seen, so hearing my music gives the listener some insight into my life”.

Chrissy moved to upstate New York in the early 1980’s and has been performing at many coffeehouses, bookstores, Pride Picnics and concert halls in the New York and Massachusetts area. Her biggest musical thrill to date was opening for “BETTY” at Paige Hall, and also opening for Cheryl Wheeler at the Eighth Step in Albany, New York. It was so exciting to be given the opportunity to meet and play on the same stage with them.

Her next CD is available. Watch for her CD release parties, they will be posted on her web site.

Chrissy is refreshing and unique. When seeing her in concert, be ready for an unforgettable show of great ... (+) expand
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suteruni (level 38) wrote:
just beautiful, the music, the lyric and omg what a voice!
7 years ago
qwe (level 30) wrote:
7 years ago
jjmelch (level 9) wrote:
Really beautiful voice. Great lyrics too. Thank you.
7 years ago
SilentK (level 27) wrote:
Dang! I'm out of hearts. Sounding good though.
7 years ago
zenfira (level 38) wrote:
WOOOOOOOOOOT , right on!
7 years ago
haylesyable (level 23) wrote:
Fantastic vocals. Wow.
7 years ago
Sally29 (level 23) wrote:
What an amazingly rich voice. Wow
7 years ago
CsparkleC (level 26) wrote:
forever is a fantastic song :) love your style
7 years ago
CCDC (level 30) wrote:
Glad to see you made the homepage! Keep the great tunes coming.

7 years ago
Tippsy (level 34) wrote:
Love your sound Chrissy!
8 years ago
Eddie075 (level 12) wrote:
A Great song, a wonderful voice and a very happy lil dog : ) Keep em coming!
8 years ago
bobbycurran (level 5) wrote:
Thank you. You are a very good musician. I look forward to more music from you.
8 years ago
AceTough (level 36) wrote:
Thanks for "If I Could Talk" and welcome to the community. Used up all my hearts, but I will be back to give you some more love and to take in all your music.
8 years ago
HorseLady (level 18) wrote:
I absolutely cried listening to TAKEN AWAY TOO SOON. Thank You.
8 years ago
CherHarrington (level 37) wrote:
"Taken Away Too Soon" is oh so beautiful!
8 years ago
sabbides23 (level 34) wrote:
Beautiful voice, I literally floated away during forever...literally
8 years ago
waltdiggs (level 24) wrote:
I agree with the sentiments of others so far...amazing vocals! So powerful and vibrant but so effortless at the same time...how do you do it?!
8 years ago
mandu (level 19) wrote:
Chrissy!! I love your sound!!!! WOW!
8 years ago
Raine (level 34) wrote:
Amazing vocals!
8 years ago
CherHarrington (level 37) wrote:
Oh wow wow soooooo great, thank you!
8 years ago