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jonboy (level 10) wrote:
RB 10469 Coll Andrews/Legend of Majick
Glad I stumbled on to you. I like Coll:)
3 hours ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
#10467 - We The Dreamers with "Wiser"

Trust me, I have been eyeing my microwave in an entirely new way.
1 day ago
DZ (level 46) wrote:
How is it I feel you're not a Trump supporter?
p.s. Interesting feature.....

A concerned Dutch person.

Hope you're well and I neglected to bump yer radio. ;-)
3 days ago
Rainesback (level 33) wrote:
6 days ago
LEXZ1 (level 41) wrote:
"LongCon" 10459 - Lex -
9 days ago
Tyneside Rain wrote:
Thanks for the tip, Circe - and for all your support!
10 days ago
greensthm (level 14) wrote:
RB # 10452 @DenisBologov 's Water
11 days ago
satch (level 28) wrote:
Bounty! And a lovely song too - thanks!
Ionas - The river
26 days ago
Coll Andrews wrote:
Thank you Circe! Glad you enjoy.
1 month ago
hdsander (level 38) wrote:
Heyas lovely Circe! Your radio plays Collars - Afterglow and I wish you an amazing Weekend!
1 month ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
#10426 - Backyard Explorers with "Flower Child"

I'm really enjoying SNL a lot. Melissa McCarthy has a new fan in me. I laughed so hard I'm sure my neighbours think I've gone batty. :-) Trust you are keeping your head up.
1 month ago
Wingman (level 36) wrote:
I keep getting credit for my bounties when people are not on. Oh well, I'll take it! =8)

RB#10423: Dark Dreams - Joanne Gabriel
1 month ago
rufusimago (level 32) wrote:
RB #10421 Say I Am - Honestly
1 month ago
davewild (level 45) wrote:
Stopping by for a radio listen... "Sunrise over Kandahar" by @TimAllen
2 months ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
#Jesse Christiansen with "The Way You Love To Love Me"

Well, I guess it's time to dust off our proton guns and get ready for another battle. I did so hope I would not have to use it again so soon. *heaves a sigh*
2 months ago
madcat8 (level 45) wrote:
Potential Grizzlies...maybe her niche is generating band names if the SOE thing doesn't pan out. Glad to see you back..

A Magical Tendency - The Surface
2 months ago
Coll Andrews wrote:
Always thankful for the hearts. Hope all is well with you.
2 months ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
#10410 - Maxine and the Eskimo Brothers with "One Love"
2 months ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
#10409 - royestel with "Carry On"

And tomorrow everyone who voted for Trump can feel all sorts of proud while the rest of the world, well, other than Putin, feels sick. Grizzlies in class rooms will be the least of everyone's problems. Truly the world is going quite mad and with no white rabbit, Alice or Cheshire Cat to keep it amusing, interesting or fun.
2 months ago
OMnia (level 26) wrote:
Hello! dropped by for a listen, and your radio is playing Mesita's The Villain.
2 months ago