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Chicago, IL

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After recording their EP “Feeling Like You Used To,” with Brian Zieske (The Hush Sound, Sars Flannery) released in September of 2008, Color Radio has worked rigorously to define their sound. With comparisons to Travis, Radiohead, Doves, Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie, Color Radio has developed a fresh sound full of atmosphere and progressive melody.

Most recently Josh Stillman(drums) and Nicholas Morford(bass) left the band in November 2008 to focus on schooling. Keyboardist Tohm Ifergan took up drums and two new talented musicians(Matt Thomas/Joel Chasco) filled the spots to become what is now a new Color Radio.

Since then, the band has played with famed national acts such as Appleseed Cast and Lovedrug, recorded a new single and are currently in the works of writing a full length.

Jonathan, Tohm, Joel, Matt
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