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coury palermo

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another ditty from my forthcoming EP, "theminorfall" posted. "meant to be" - hope you enjoy.
posted 7 years ago
new song upcoming ep "theminorfall" just posted - let me know what you think.
posted 7 years ago
We (Chris and myself) recently remixed last year's Christmas single "drummer boy (play my drum)" and you can download it NOW (previously unreleased) for $.99 exclusively at courypalermo.com

ALL proceeds from the sale of the single will go towards providing meals for those less fortunate in the Nashville area this Holiday season. The success depends on YOU.

Please spread the word by copying/TWEETING this section of the newsletter to ANYONE & EVERYONE you know. The single will be available for a short time during the holiday season so don't delay.
posted 7 years ago
"boxsideoutV.I" released exclusively on Oct 27th via http://www.courypalermo.com
NEW song posted - "No Ordinary Love"
posted 7 years ago
"boxsideoutV.I" release: check out NEW song today!!!

The wait is over - well almost.

Here is the track list:

1. Another Day in Paradise

2. Here Comes the RainAgain

3. No Ordinary Love

4. Here Comes the Rain Again - Aries Radio Mix

Each song has been completely remixed - for those of you who downloaded them from my site earlier or were given them as a part of my newsletter "sign up" - they're new!

As a added bonus I am including the new radio mix for "Here Comes the Rain Again" that is hands down, my favorite thing I've ever recorded. You can preview this version, in it's entirety beginning today (Sept 1st) - exclusively here at thesixtyone.com.

The radio mix will be available as an album exclusive for those who purchase the entire ep for $3.99.
posted 7 years ago
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the past: former singer for the band lynden.
the future: currently working on several projects and collaborations.

Album 1: I have written over 25 songs since December of '07 - trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. If I've learned anything over the past 12 months it's, just because you can doesn't mean you should. I originally planned to head in a more upbeat-electronic direction - distancing myself from the band as much as possible while trying my hand at a genre I have always loved. At every attempt these sessions proved underwhelming and a bit forced. In December of '08 I went back to the drawing board and after one such disastrous session, found my footing. Currently the writing process is still in full bloom with recording starting within the next month. (January 6,2009)

Album 2: In February I began recording a batch of covers. My favorite songs by some of my favorite singers. This collection will hopefully see the light of day as two ep's (boxsideout ep 1 & 2) - one in the Fall & one just before Christmas.

Sleepthief's sophomore release, "Labyrinthine Heart". Three songs including the first single, "World Gone Crazy": Spring 20... (+) expand
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SunSparc (level 28) wrote:
Come back to us! :) Can you make "meant to be" downloadable/purchasable?
11 months ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
These are so beautiful! Captivated with the every aspect. So glad you posted them here so long ago and that they remain for us to bliss out on.
11 months ago
unpoete (level 28) wrote:
Can't get enough of the music of Coury Palermo? I can't, too!

So I head over to the Love + War artist page for additional songs to groove to, featuring Palermo's musical partnership with Ron Robinson.
1 year ago
teacher (level 36) wrote:
Your new one doesn't play. You may need to reupload it.
7 years ago
fiercekitti69 (level 28) wrote:
back in march, i stated this was my favorite song, so back to remind you. continue doing what you love. and have a wonderful week.
7 years ago
sabrinachampagne (level 22) wrote:
Brilliantly talented...thank you for creating such beautiful music!
7 years ago
Auvrfyeiran (level 17) wrote:
This is nothing short of Amazing. Another Day in Paradise and No Ordinary Love.... Tingles down my spine. Keep it up please!
7 years ago
tmcmullin (level 13) wrote:
Just submitted a revive bid. I can't bid too high because my rep isn't that much. But, we'll see, right? Looking forward to the new songs. Ring in the new year safely!
7 years ago
saltyshadow (level 10) wrote:
Love your music, love your vocal!!
7 years ago
tmcmullin (level 13) wrote:
I did just download Drummer Boy and the 3-track "boxed" set from your site. I am spreading the word and have Drummer Boy featured on my page. If you ever make it to Dallas, let me know. Of course, you'd do well to visit Austin, Texas, too. Lots of music enthusiasts there! Good luck.
7 years ago
Shockrah (level 13) wrote:
LOVE your work with 'Sunday Radio'... oh and these pieces, too :)
7 years ago
RomanceVampire (level 24) wrote:
I am loving your vocals and your songs :) Keep em coming So far i love No ordinary Love and Drummer boy
7 years ago
toriviruette (level 27) wrote:
I just listened to The Fall and your vocals are absolutely beautiful...fabulous collaboration.
7 years ago
clover (level 46) wrote:
Gorgeous vocals on The Fall. I love that collaboration, hope you'll do more with Sunday Radio. Love it!
7 years ago
acottreau (level 15) wrote:
Congrats on No Ordinary Love hitting homepage. Love this song.
7 years ago
toriviruette (level 27) wrote:
WOW, two new songs in the same week...what a delightful treat - LOVE it :)
7 years ago
SeattleMusicLover (level 20) wrote:
Great vocal performance on "No Ordinary Love"!

Sade Adu should be proud of you :)
7 years ago
acottreau (level 15) wrote:
You've chosen some pretty stellar songs to remake. Some of my all time favorites actually. xoxox

7 years ago
googie (level 31) wrote:
I just "discovered" you and I wonder where in the world I've been! Love the remix... love your voice! So glad to be found!
7 years ago
toriviruette (level 27) wrote:
WOW...so beautiful!!!!! No Ordinary Love is one of my favorite Sade songs, love your cover and your voice is absolutely AMAZING. YOU are definitely one of my top five artists on this site. YOU have made my day :)
7 years ago