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8-Bit Ninjas

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8bitninjas: I uploaded a YouTube video -- 8-Bit Ninjas - Shiny Spaceship http://youtu.be/MRa7_0MVuSo?a
posted 7 years ago
8bitninjas: I uploaded a YouTube video -- 8-Bit Ninjas - Push It http://youtu.be/v_PxxH2-og4?a
posted 7 years ago
8bitninjas: @hushm0nk3y haha! Thanks brother! =]
posted 7 years ago
8bitninjas: Blogged:: Friday Night http://8bitninjas.co.uk/wordpress/?p=104 #blog
posted 7 years ago
8bitninjas: Get your ass to Maaars... Or at least the Hang Up in Walsall, we start at 9.30, don't miss it http://bit.ly/6LpyEq
posted 7 years ago
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8-Bit Ninjas happened by accident. The result of Andy Cowley, up until this point a rock, indie and folk drummer, happening across Alice in Videoland’s ‘Outrageous!’ on his Creative Zen. Where this album came from, no-one is sure, but sparked an interest deep inside his twisted mind. Through AiV, he happened across Thermostatic and from then into the wonderful world of chiptunes. Once he’d got his ears around a few more such artists, the vision was clear in his mind… He must contribute to the this new world of recycled electronica.

Armed with years of teeth-cutting on rock, indie and other alternative guitar-based music, and a fair bit of experience with home recording, electronics and vintage consoles and computers, weird and wonderful experiments were performed in his flat and the result was 8-Bit Ninjas.

The live line-up will also include at least Sam Busher on Bass guitar and spray-on trousers and Andy’s brother Leigh Cowley on various keyboards, percussion and synths and of course, hats.
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Push it covered by 8-Bit Ninjas
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smogster (level 5) wrote:
Your ride on time cover is brilliant!! Just can't stop listening to it! (which is driving everyone in my house slightly insane but I don't care!!)
7 years ago
Thiefbone (level 36) wrote:
Loving "Fight in a Bus Stop"!
7 years ago
cidbahamut (level 12) wrote:
Your version of Ride on Time is simply wonderful. All the good music without any of the irritating vocals. Keep up the good work. (b")b
7 years ago
Shijuro (level 26) wrote:
You guys are great! How about a version of the M.U.L.E. theme?
7 years ago
invalidphp (level 1) wrote:
I know you probably get told this a lot. but Pokemon Face is awesome, lol.
7 years ago
sos0 (level 19) wrote:
ahahaha i love pokemon face!
7 years ago
PointySam (level 1) wrote:
oh hai :)
7 years ago
richardwilkins (level 11) wrote:
this song kicks serious bottom
7 years ago
IAmClearlyNotBatman (level 12) wrote:
haha sweet. That or Golddigger or something. The hip-hop world is due for some 8-bit butchering. \m/
7 years ago
IAmClearlyNotBatman (level 12) wrote:
Word! Love your stuff. I actually lol'd when I heard your Ride on Time cover, just because I remember the original being so...1989 haha. I think you could do a great 8-bit cover of 99 Problems or something. What program(s) are you using to put your stuff together?
7 years ago
mrtankjump (level 15) wrote:
I love this band's sound, please keep making us amazing music.
7 years ago
zcreem (level 24) wrote:
I love this Delirium track and thanks so much for making a freebie Pinged the net-sphere with your page, good luck.
7 years ago
CaptainIcchan (level 19) wrote:
Thank you guys for having free downloads. Pokemon Face and Fight in a Bus Stop sound AWESOME in my car stereo.
7 years ago
MrCanada (level 25) wrote:
You guys deserve so many more hearts, :)
7 years ago
jmtame (level 23) wrote:
can you upload an instrumental of pokemon face? =]
7 years ago
uwalvin (level 23) wrote:
Gotta catch 'em all !
7 years ago
sambolito (level 7) wrote:
7 years ago
falafeljack (level 23) wrote:
7 years ago
ravl13 (level 35) wrote:
How the hell have I not noticed you guys until now?! <3 chiptunes
7 years ago
Craigmire wrote:
haha sick ass name and logo! diggin that Push it cover right now! : )
7 years ago