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Two years ago, Danger aka Franck Rivoire, was merely a young and unknown producer. Thanks to his first EP, 09/14/2007, he quickly became a key figure of the new French electro scene.

So why stop there?
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greensthm (level 14) wrote:
More electronic Danger please
26 days ago
nexx (level 35) wrote:
1 year ago
fraisylady (level 37) wrote:
Hey Danger , we're waiting you back ... your hour will be ours .. Hey at what time the next danger ???? ;)♥
1 year ago
SarahxJane (level 35) wrote:
I miss your music ♥
1 year ago
88 (level 31) wrote:
Post some more jams!
1 year ago
GaussWaffle (level 16) wrote:
A new EP due out soon! YESSSSSSSSSSSS
7 years ago
SubornSoul (level 27) wrote:
14H54 hits so friggin hard, love it.
7 years ago
portillo (level 6) wrote:
Hi Danger. As an artist, I want te release a new album for next year. I love your Track Danger!!!! Man I'm totally mad about that sound. You mind if we'd collaborte? I would like to write some vocals and sing lines over the instrumental. What would you say?
7 years ago
thomasvale (level 24) wrote:
11h30 is one of my all time favourite tracks
7 years ago
bdbspeed (level 9) wrote:
Very Inspirational.
7 years ago
Kazerst (level 15) wrote:
God, thats great sound !
7 years ago
kahlah (level 9) wrote:
lol this is going to sound weird, but your stuff is in french right? people keep saying french but i cant tell. i loveeee 11H30.
7 years ago
freestyle86 (level 27) wrote:
Again, amazing, i'll never get tired of listening to these! DANGER!!
7 years ago
drbubonicus (level 10) wrote:
Fucking dope! Where abouts you from?
7 years ago
crazymajax (level 17) wrote:
Sooo Dangerous !
7 years ago
shandy (level 23) wrote:
DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see this guy live again.
7 years ago
jennytha (level 6) wrote:
amazing stuff. first one i heard was 11H30. come to England soon, yeah?
7 years ago
ohitsarerun (level 14) wrote:
THIS IS HOTTTT! loves it! [;
7 years ago
shandy (level 23) wrote:
Danger killed it at HARD Haunted Mansion. The Bloody Beetroots were amazing too.
7 years ago
loganRigg (level 26) wrote:
time to put up some 88:88 =]]
7 years ago