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Ottawa, ON

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Rap Legend Jesse Dangerously grew up and got pretend-famous in Halifax, Nova Scotia under the hip-hop leadership of such local luminaries as Buck 65, Jorun and SixToo. Since 2001 he's worked primarily with the cross-Canadian Backburner crew, touring as much as possible and selling CDs all over the place.

Somehow, Jesse D found himself a guest with MC Stephen Hawking on MC Frontalot's seminal (we thought ironic) nerdcore anthem, "Nerdcore Rising". Since then nerdcore turned into kind of an actual thing and Jesse is still uncertain of his place among artists associated. Sure he plays retro games, lisps and looks like a dork but he really just wants to be a good rapper on rap terms, and the nerdy personality is wholly auxiliary to that goal.

Jesse D is politically strident. He has all the good political slants and biases and if you like being told what's what, have we got good news for you. Do you know how he avoids being preachy? He doesn't. But he disguises it with SLAMMING RHYMES of DOPENESS.

Jesse Dangerously wants unlikely things like a living from music and to install Jack Layton as Prime Minister. Jesse Dangerously will settle for getting to rap as much as possible and installing Stephen Harper in Afghanistan.
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