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Daniela Andrade

folk and jazz     1046 listeners
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danielasings: New Vidjeo http://t.co/ZenmjUO
posted 5 years ago
danielasings: Making the birthday wish. http://t.co/D59mYLO
posted 5 years ago
danielasings: RT @tiarazhane: Hello! Have you voted for @danielasings today? If not, click the link to vote! Don't be shy :) http://t.co/SvogO6T
posted 5 years ago
danielasings: @thatsestherly <3 psssdfjhef ur voice! I'm also on thesixtyone.com/danielasings why doesn't itunes work for you :(?
posted 5 years ago
danielasings: Hello internet geniuses :) spare one click for me? http://t.co/P0sj71x
posted 5 years ago
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Hello everyone :)
So as you all may know, my name is Daniela. I am 19 years old, and I've been singing for as long as I can remember. I started posting videos on youtube almost 4 years ago, and I've been playing the guitar for 5 years. All my originals are ones I composed myself, and am hoping to assemble and polish for an album or EP eventually. So all the originals on here are what you could consider "rough copies" but either way, I hope you enjoy them! It's all a part of the massive journey of creating art. I love you all for supporting me and sticking with me this whole way, I look forward to creating more tunes and staying in touch! <3

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Fishbowl (level 10) wrote:
This part of Holland Loves you! <3 keep us love you!
5 months ago
aaronmc (level 32) wrote:
T61 is back to the way it was. We can comment and interact. And the commenting and interacting would be much better if you were here.
1 year ago
Michigan Fresh wrote:
Really good vocals and so clear and crisp (if that makes sense)~michigan fresh (just below you)
7 years ago
attem85 (level 1) wrote:
Your Awesome Daniela! Love your voice it goes great with that sweet heart of yours : )
7 years ago
JF (level 24) wrote:
Nice cover on "Gatekeeper." Regards....JF
7 years ago
medisina (level 28) wrote:
7 years ago
thomasintaipei (level 22) wrote:
I think it is a great thing you are doing donating this money to Haiti. Keep making lovely music.
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
wowwww another nice song Daniela
7 years ago
musicxox22 (level 21) wrote:
OOhhh I <3 Gatekeeper! Btw, I'm Daniela too =) nice to meet you! And, I think Daniela spelled with one 'l'-->so much better, haha.
7 years ago
TommiSt (level 34) wrote:
Gatekeeper is sooo beautiful! Well the original is cool too but your version is better.
btw. great audio quality
And tell your bf that its rude to punch girls into their faces :P
7 years ago
trainman1 (level 2) wrote:
hey just wanted to say that your music is amazing!!!
7 years ago
SkyFiHear (level 3) wrote:
Loving your stuff :)
7 years ago
invictus (level 6) wrote:
If I had any money, I would buy you a nice bunch of flowers
7 years ago
fragilemonsters (level 3) wrote:
Daniela! This is Chelsea (Sam's friend from Regina... We met this Summer)! I've been thinking about you a lot lately for some reason. I hope you're doing well :)
7 years ago
medisina (level 28) wrote:
wwwoohhooo!!!!!you JUst HIT The HOMEPAGE=D
7 years ago
Peppe (level 31) wrote:
Beautiful songs!
7 years ago
Lattice (level 10) wrote:
Hello Daniela, on second thought, wonder if you would be interested in doing a collab with me. If so, please write to mystsongs@hotmail.com and we'll discuss more. Meantime you can also stop by my page here to see if you like my music. Cheers !

Mike Lynn
7 years ago
Lattice (level 10) wrote:
Very simple, neat and yet comfortable music. You certainly have great talent and you're sounding much mature than your age. Great voice.
7 years ago
flutterflutter (level 22) wrote:
SEVENTEEN?! I can't believe it! I have one of your songs featured because it's so lovely:)
7 years ago
Christy D wrote:
you have a beautiful voice & truly lovely style - really only 17? wow... bright future methinks!
7 years ago