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thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
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Thank you for being a part of it.


James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Dark Captain Light Captain

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New track "Circles" just uploaded from our forthcoming EP in LoAF records
posted 8 years ago
say hello at:


who we are:

Dan Carney: Guitar, voice
Neil Kleiner: Instruments, voice
Giles Littleford: Guitar, voice
Chin Of Britain: Drums
Laura Copsey: Flugelhorn
Mike Cranny: Bass

Nice comment about us in Supersweet Magazine - March ’08 -

In an increasing world of electro beats and synthesizers Dark Captain Light Captain offer a depth and substance beyond the label of their clothes or brightness of their jeans and trainers.
Review Of The Moment: - 75 Or Less

Dark Captain Light Captain - Jealous Enemies/Mid-Session Interval 7" (Lo Alternative Frequencies)

Beats, acoustic guitars and angelic harmonies: people love to call it "folktronica" when these things get mixed together, but that sounds kind of stupid. Though it’s thoroughly modern, "Jealous Enemies" is every bit as good as its folk-rock ancestors—songs by Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span—that once had the audacity to combine pastoral melody with pop tempos. You could group them with contemporaries like Tunng or The Memory Band, but you’ll be listening to these dudes twice as often.

Other reviews of ’Jealous Enemies’ -

Beedubblyer -

Delovely 2-tracker from DC... (+) expand
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marcus91 (level 15) wrote:
Heard you guys a while ago on this best of myspace podcast :) Awesome tunes, especially Circles is my favorite. Such unique stuff, I really love the blend of genres. Keep making brilliant music. peace
7 years ago
symphonic (level 11) wrote:
Like "They Be Underwater"
Was a little disappointed to see that I couldn't download for free
but I want to let you know that if I had the ability to purchase things over the internet I would buy your songs! (No Credit card lol)
Keep it Up!
7 years ago
AnnieB (level 43) wrote:
yes yes congrats!
8 years ago
Amada (level 27) wrote:
Congrats on getting the itunes free song!
8 years ago
AnnieB (level 43) wrote:
revive! :)
8 years ago
AnnieB (level 43) wrote:
thanks for stopping by and leaving a message for little ol' me. much appreciated :-)

anyway, it's absolutely wonderful to have you guys back with a new song. and just fyi, "robot command centre" has been sitting in one of my only two "ultimate favorite" playlists...so bumping is the easy part =P
9 years ago
shambolic (level 23) wrote:
Spontaneous HAD to written for/by/about Robert Wyatt!
9 years ago
Trouble in the Wind wrote:
Hey we're fairly new to this site and are trying to get our sound out. Check us out, you might like us! -Ryan
9 years ago
ajf (level 11) wrote:
Absolutely kinda hypnotically exciting.
9 years ago
tedrock (level 31) wrote:
Love your stuff, never heard of you until the61 and may have missed you entirely if it weren't for Buffyslayergal. I hope to hear more in the future !
9 years ago
cmoneyspruce (level 17) wrote:
The tracks are primo... good job
9 years ago
MarkS wrote:
jealous enemies is excellent. I used to live in E. London!
9 years ago