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Torrance, CA

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D-Form started rapping about 15 years ago reciting Fresh Prince rhymes on the way to school. Soon he started changing the words to these songs and making them my own.

Next thing you know he had some broken down equipment that smelled like it was burning when he'd use it for a couple of hours. It's the same story as everyone else, Do it yourself hip hop, cheap mics, two tape decks, rapping over others instrumentals.

From there he discovered the Hammerhead drum programmer and utilized it to create the incomparable hit "Generate Momentum '96". From that point on he concentrated on making beats and freestyling.

Around 1999-2000 he recorded 17 songs for Beautiful Deformities which was an album that made you feel like you were being hit in the face by a speeding asteroid. Some people liked it, some hated it (like the guy at the CSULB listening lounge). Hard science rap was ahead of its time and almost indigestable.

After that it was all making beats and freestyling. He came in 2nd at the battle of the Beats in Long Beach state. He dropped some hard core science off the top. "I've studied biology, geology and itchyology which is the study of fish, that's why i have you figured out you little guppie bitch". Too bad he lost. But he purchased a Shapeshifters CD with the $50 gift certificate at Tower Records.

From then on more freestyles (There is a truckload of lost freestyle gems out there somewhere), lots of beats, and a few songs here and there including the ones on the page.

# Current Projects include: Rapping and Producing with The Chubby Chasers, the world's premier rap group dedicated to the love of fat women.
# Up or Down: An Album that was created for the Crate Digger Death Match that was built in 12 hours from $12 worth of source material.
# The D.I.Y. Album Kit: Over 50 free beats for aspiring MC's
# Production for MC's Goshone and Luzid
# A concept album featuring Master Viscious entitled "Gardena Sunrise"

Besides that, keep checking this page for some some songs that are a little rough around the edges but funky in their ugliness.

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