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Scottsdale, AZ

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At the core of everything DJ Seduce does is a restless drive to be both inventive & creative. Whether behind the turntables, in the studio, or putting together a variety of events, DJ Seduce is always on a mission to capture audiences in a way that sets him self apart from most in the entertainment industry.

Since his emergence in 2001, this (Phoenix) Arizona native has taken his love for jazz, funk, soul, and world beats, and expanded his global horizons far beyond the nightclub walls. Not your typical DJ, but a musician’s dj, and a djs musician, DJ Seduce has created his own unique sound & style drawing on heavy influences of Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Europe & the Middle East. With an eclectic taste for musical treats, DJ Seduce digs deep through the past and present, giving you a blast of musical fusion from influential taste makers like Art Blakey, Fela Kuti, Jorge Ben, Nicola Conte & Buena Vista Social Club.

Over the course of 10 years, DJ Seduce has shared the stage with legendary icons, played to crowds of more than 14,000, released critically acclaimed albums and launched the "Award Winning" Afro:Baile world music event & record label. His continued strive to bring a cultural groove to the forefront, has allowed him to push his way to new heights. Some of his recent & notable accolade's include: 4 consecutive nominations for "Best DJ" by the "Arizona Republic" & "Best Jazz" by the "Phoenix Newtimes. He's also been a featured guest on FOX-10, and performed live on Good Morning Arizona (3TV). DJ Seduce has an extensive list of featured articles & reviews in over 15 magazine publications, including Global Rhythm Magazine & Spin Magazine.

As a savvy business owner, DJ Seduce is the creator and owner of "Afro:Baile Records". The label was founded in 2007, as a spin off of to the award-winning (Afro:Baile) event. Afro:Baile Records specializes in the Afro-Brazilian / Brazilian Music of Samba, Bossa Nova, Jazz, Soul and Electronica. From digging in the crates to finding upcoming talent, DJ Seduce lets the music take him to places that allow him to showcase not only his mixing abilities but his constant love for a cultural groove.
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